dinsdag 17 september 2013

New fabulous clothing line: Astrid by Astrid Bryan

I discovered today while scrolling on the internet the new clothing line of LA's most fashionable chick, most known by Belgians: Astrid Bryan. 

Astrid by Astrid Bryan is a less expensive clothing line, in collaboration with chain store ZEB, than her older one: Astrid Bryan. My favourite piece is this silver denim skirt : easy to combine with a cropped t-shirt! All of the clothes are named after a famous person, for example Courtney Cox or Scarlett Johansson. This way, Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard don't seem that far away at all..

In the meantime, I'll be working on my post of me and my girls' scandalous tour 2013 post. I bet you're dying to see the pictures! Also, mission impossible: pimp your kot @leuven has started from today on!! Soon preview and pics to share. 


PS: Watch the fashion show here . 

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